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Global-Sec from Eschborn – who we are, what we do

Global-Sec GmbH was founded in 2018 to provide you and other companies with the best possible protection against threats in the IT environment. In doing so, we have focused on three main points in particular:
penetration testing for finding vulnerabilities
vulnerability analyses
IT forensics

After a development phase of more than four years, we have succeeded in offering a now perfected solution for fully automated weak point analysis for networks. We are thus expanding our portfolio with software that redefines the subject of vulnerability analyses and is thus in no way inferior to the quality of a penetration test. With a team of hand-picked specialists who were not only experienced, but who also supported us with full, passionate dedication, this step was feasible.

More security in the office

Your partner for IT security

Would you have guessed which animal is hiding behind our logo?
A few years ago, to be precise in 2018, we were looking for a suitable living being who has similar capabilities as the business enterprise Global-Sec. We were looking for an animal that has a protective function like the Tolypeutes. A Tolypeutes rolls up into a ball in case of danger in order to protect its insides to the best of its ability. Similar to the Tolypeutes, we ensure that the “armor” of our clients is just as secure and seamless against the daily attacks in the IT environment.

Our expertise

Years of experience, high quality standard – satisfied customers

Long-term experience, permanently satisfied customers, high quality level – everything is mutually dependent. We are targeting an effective fight against the increasing threat of cybercrime by means of knowledge transfer, transparency and prevention.

We and you are aware that a wealth of experience is a lot, but in today’s rapidly changing IT world it is by no means everything – it requires continuing training and education. We guarantee this for our IT team of selected experts – because the employees are the most valuable asset of Global-Sec.

IT safety with VODIN

IT safety with VODIN

The continually growing digitization has diverse advantages – at the same time, the type and number of security holes are increasing. They raise to a higher power and are difficult to grasp – because
the company often lacks its own necessary expert knowledge,
solutions – of whatever kind – are usually extremely cost-intensive,
crucial and regular training of employees is neglected.

VODIN solves these and other problems as a software that reaches all devices integrated into the network – communication equipment and monitors, iPads, smartphones and laptops as well as the entire automated equipment and set-up in the smarthome.

The people behind Global-Sec

Our Team

Gerald Luef : Geschäftsführer

Gerald Luef


Dr. Haiko Didzoleit : Head of Development

Dr. Haiko Didzoleit

Head of Development

Noemi Lemme : Security Analyst

Noemi Lemme

Security Analyst

Frank Weber :

Frank Weber

Sandra Didzoleit :

Sandra Didzoleit

Daniel Guerra :

Daniel Guerra

Julia Schuetz :

Julia Schuetz

Christoph Danhauser :

Christoph Danhauser

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