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Nowadays, the security of company IT has a high priority. Data protection is both regulated by law and a duty of care towards those clients who confide their own – often sensitive – personal data to business partners.

With the software VODIN, Global-Sec GmbH offers its customers a solution. The software ensures an automated vulnerability, in other words, weak point analysis within the IT network, including all devices contained therein. The cycle of patch via information, analysis and report makes sure that your IT service provider can fix the gaps and weaknesses discovered by VODIN in the corporate network easily and seamlessly.

In short: VODIN ensures that your IT network is protected against any cyberattacks around the clock.

Wide range of applications

VODIN – the industry-independent solution

The special feature of VODIN is its use in all sectors – from production to trade and commerce to (financial) services.

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Critical infrastructure

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Education sector

Whether public administration with city and country, industry, education sector from the university to the local school or whether the critical infrastructure of the state community – the IT network is a highly sensitive and vulnerable area everywhere.

VODIN automatically finds all relevant network components, which are regularly analyzed for potential vulnerabilities. The associated report is also easy to understand for laymen and a perfect basis for the specialist to resolve the problems discovered. With the VODIN monitoring of the company network, possible and increasingly likely social engineering attacks are specifically prevented.

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Protect your business by protecting your network!

This offer from Global-Sec is addressed to enterprises of all legal forms and sizes. They want and need to protect their company-internal IT network from damage at the best possible rate.

Our contact form is the first step for you on the way to optimize your IT safety. The application of VODIN is synonymous with prevention. You safeguard your company network so that external threats do not find a starting point for a possible data misuse at all – with VODIN, your IT network becomes absolutely resistant.

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