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Do you already know Global-Sec GmbH from Eschborn in Hesse? We are a service provider for IT safety and specialize in using software developed by us to automatically detect, document and fix vulnerabilities in your network. Our IT product VODIN offers the optimal protection for your data as digitized AI software.

IT security in the office

Are you aware of the gaps in the security of your IT?

The term vulnerability, which is common in the IT language, means a weak point or gap in IT security. Any weakness, no matter how small or inconspicuous, means an acute security threat to hard- and software – it endangers the protection of the data because the intruders are given the opportunity for attacks. For example, they can access system resources with the aim of manipulating or stealing data. This can turn into a disaster for your company in a flash.

Known security holes are:
hard- and / or software backdoor
Fehler in der Software – Zero-Day-Exploit
poorly or not at all secured configuration and / or system files
configuration areas accessible via internet
many more

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Protect yourself

Invest in IT safety – to protect data in the company

Information security is still potentially incomplete for companies for several kinds of reasons. Proprietary expert knowledge is not sufficiently available. Solutions that offer protection are (too) expensive and the necessary training courses for employees and management is often neglected.

These and other occasions make it all the more urgent that the analysis for revealing security holes should have a high priority, more peremptorily said: must have.

Protection of sensitive data from foreign eyes
Protection from cyber attacks
Maintaining workflows and internal organisation
Observance of data protection measures
Risk reduction for image damage
Software VODIN

VODIN – maximum security thanks to fully automated vulnerability analysis

The safety software developed by us under the private label VODIN performs a permanent and fully automated weak point analysis – it is the guardian of your IT network for the highest possible level of cyber security.

VODIN independently finds all relevant network components. They are proactively examined for their vulnerabilities, so that external threats have no chance of damaging the IT network.

As a result, thanks to VODIN, every single point of failure in your company’s IT is localized, defined and documented in a way that is understandable even for amateurs. It is now easy for your IT service provider to repair the network damage to give cyber attackers no chance. VODIN’s target-oriented and custom reports are the perfect basis for eliminating the automatically detected vulnerabilities in your company’s IT network. The foundation for this are internationally recognized standards, supplemented by additionally developed plug ins as optional software components designed to improve accuracy. The reports for your business can be easily integrated into ticket or mail systems and other software.

Protect yourself

IT security in the corporation – with trust in Global-Sec


20 years of experience

Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience together with the concentrated know-how of a first-class skilled, committed and motivated team, we can offer you an optimal IT safety level for your company with VODIN after four years of development time.


A team of IT experts

Global-Sec GmbH is a trusted and reliable partner for your IT infrastructure. However, the efficiency and advantages of VODIN can hardly be explained in one or two sentences.


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