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VODIN – variety of benefits for your IT network

The secret and thus unique selling point of VODIN – the software developed under this private label by Global-Sec GmbH from Eschborn near Frankfurt in Hesse – finds all network components independently as well as automatically. They are examined proactively, i.e., self-determined and targeted, for any weak points. The precision is additionally optimized by specially developed plugins.

This makes it possible to prevent external threats from gaining access to the company-internal network in advance – keyword: cybercrime. Now it’s the turn of the company’s external IT service provider. Based on the VODIN report, it is smoothly possible for him to close the analyzed security gap in the IT network – namely permanently. Because it is not the closing, but the uncovering of security holes that is the real problem. The rest, as they say, is pure routine. VODIN’s reports are always individually tailored to the network.

Advantages of our software

With this, VODIN convinces

VODIN is a product made in Germany – and this at an absolutely real to affordable price. You get the vulnerability analysis for your IT network from one provider. Global-Sec is the single point of contact and contracting party for you.

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Affordable price

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Made in Germany

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Flexibility and independence

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Full protection

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Future-oriented and sustainable

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Ease of use

Said in one sentence: VODIN is flexible, independent and future-oriented. A complete protection of the entire IT network together with all connected devices is guaranteed. At no point in the company network is there any vulnerability or security breach that is not detected and documented by VODIN.

VODIN is the guard of the IT network in your operation!

Are you now convinced?

The company database, along with hard- and software, is subject to a latent security risk. This costs some responsible person a deserved sleep.

Is everything really done for IT network safety?

Are all conceivable security gaps actually detected?

Is the company IT staff optimally trained?

Has money been invested in the right places?

… And other open questions that (can) lead to nightmares.

With VODIN, the answers are: YES – the corporate network is absolutely safe. What was unsafe was recognized and then adjusted. Each of the previous vulnerability analyses was carried out according to internationally approved standards. Alarms and reports have been seamlessly linked, and since then the security scan has been running in the background just as smoothly as silently.

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As a conclusion, it remains to be noted that with VODIN, cybercrime has no chance with you. Figuratively speaking, there is no open door in your IT network – not even a crack. Potential threats are and stay debarred.

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